LED Troffer Retrofit Kits

Meet MagMann

MagMann LED Troffer Retrofit kits are a viable solution for retrofitting your existing fluorescent fixtures.

MagMann LED Troffer Retrofit Kits are a great alternative to existing LED tubes.

Our magnetic installation system makes every install literally a “snap”.

  • Quick and Easy Installation

  • Saves on Labor Costs

  • High Lumen Output

  • Reliable Drivers

  • We Stock in the US

  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $1,500

  • Energy Savings

  • Qualifies for Power Provider Incentives

  • Brighter Working Environment

  • Less Eye Fatigue

  • Office Buildings, Universities, Schools, Libraries

  • QPS Listed for Safety

Our company drives cutting-edge designs and cost-effective LED lighting solutions. This allows us to bring you excellent lighting products at prices that are convincingly the best value on the market.

Our Products

 Our system consists of LED light bars and drivers which are preconfigured with thermal magnetic backing, allowing for quick and easy attachment to the troffer housing. From its high efficiency and performance to its incredible ease of installation,

MagMann TRK Series Retrofit Kits are “SIMPLY THE BEST!”

Discover The Future

From its high efficiency and performance – to its incredible ease of installation Mag Mann TRK Series Retrofit Kits are